Skyline Athletes is dedicated to assisting individuals in realizing their true potential by offering comprehensive athletic training and sports programs for children and young adults in Chicago. The focus at Skyline Athletes is to help players achieve their sporting goals; sharpen skills for their upcoming season or learn the basics. As a company, Skyline Athletes is also involved in giving back to the community it cares about. We do this by selling purple and white wristbands and then donating all the proceeds to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) charity.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is the leading organization in the world that funds research into type 1 diabetes. The goal of JDRF is the progressive removal of the impact of type 1 diabetes or T1D from the lives of patients until the world is free of T1D. In collaboration with a broad spectrum of partners, JDRF is the only organization that has the regulatory influence, working plan and scientific resources to better prevent, treat and cure T1D. As the largest charitable supporter of T1D, JDRF is at present sponsoring $568 million for scientific research in 17 countries. In 2012 alone, JDRF gave over $110 million to T1D research.

Skyline Athletes applauds the efforts of JDRF which inspired our decision to offer wristbands for sale and donate the proceeds to the worthy cause of T1D research. Our wristbands offer a great way for you to display your support for JDRF and type 1 diabetes research. Anyone can wear our wristbands – from the casually dressed college kid on campus, to their business executive mom in the boardroom. Our wristbands are made out of a non-allergenic material which makes it safe for the majority of people to wear. The fact that they stretch gives them a one-size-fits-all versatility. In addition, we offer both children and adult-sized wristbands.

Skyline Athletes’ wristbands are also inexpensive, in keeping with our desire to avoid spending money on expensive promotional items. We are certain that most people who give to charity can connect with this message. Our wristbands are just our way of putting the message of JDRF and their great cause in type 1 diabetes research into the hands, and onto the wrists of our supporters. Our wristbands provide a great way for the public to offer a helping hand and a simple way for public generosity to be displayed. Buy one of our wristbands today and get involved in JDRF’s worthy cause of type 1 diabetes research!